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Superior Females and lesser superior Alpha Males are entitled to cum as much and as often as they want or need. It is a right and a privilege afforded Them by Their Superiority. To self pleasure a Superior Female would masturbate Her Clit or have a sissy service Her, licking ever so carefully and long as She wanted until She came in extreme bliss and pleasure. Same with the Alpha Male, he would masturbate his hard cock, or have a sissy service his hard cock until he came, with the sissy catching his cum in he.r mouth and swallowing it all. This is an act of pleasure, again… which these Superiors are entitled and deserve by their Superior stature in the rank of their humanity.

sissies however are the lowest of the humanoids and they do not have real clits or real cocks. sissies being neither Female or male have “sissy clitties” a useless appendage that tries to be both, but obviously can not. Where masturbation and orgasms are a right and privilege of the Superiors, they are neither of the sissy. sissies should maintain abstinence and be in chastity. This keeps the sissy “ready” and ease to serve and in the right mindset to do so. There is however the occasional need to “clean the plumbing” of the sissy, or in the rare occasion where the Superior wants to reward the sissy for some extraordinary thing the sissy may have done. In that case, the sissy would be permitted to masturbate and cum. That said… there is a protocol that would have to be followed by the sissy. Again, she is not normally allowed such pleasantries except under a strict schedule as may be permitted by the House Masturbation Control Board. So the sissy should study how to do this properly by reading Masturbation 101.

First it is imperative that the sissy do not linger in the pleasure of masturbation. s.he should tend to business and get it done as quickly and efficiently as possible, so s.he can return to her duties. It is also desirable that the sissy maintain being limp during masturbation if at all possible so s.he can come limp. This reduces the amount of pleasure that s.he might derive from the process. Cumming limp takes practice, but every sissy should aspire to this unless otherwise directed by he.r Superior.

As a novice sissy, s.he should learn to use the “Basic Masturbation Technique” utilizing two fingers, the thumb and first digit and only stroke at the base of the clitty avoiding too much pressure on the sensitive spot at the underside just under the mushroom cap (head). s.he should concentrate on the downward stroke into the slitty base simulating the fucking pressure of a cock into a Female Pussy.

The sissy again should cum as quickly as possible and catch the cum in an ornate bowl or in he.r hand. Cum should not be wasted, as this gives the sissy a training opportunity to eat the cum. s.he should hold the cum in he.r mouth and savor the taste and consistency, training he.rself for the real thing when s.he makes he.rself available for Alpha Male.

Over time the sissy will graduate to the 2nd and 3rd techniques as allowed by he.r Superior.


  1. sissy slut

    Dear Ms Stewart ( curtesy )

    Thank you and the masturbation control board for approving this sissys bi monthly schedule. Mistress very much approves. This sissy is so glad you enjoyed my fantasy.

    I have to report two special days in the last month, the first,; This sissy was taken by surprise when Mistress donned her black, strapped four inch heels and ordered this sissy to kneel at her feet, after applying lipstick, she ordered this sissy to masturbate as described, with only thumb and forefinger at the base of my sissy clit. This sissy came quickly onto her feet, toes and ankle, Mistress then ordered this sissy to clean up the cum, which this sissy did, starting by cleaning her ankle and then her toes, she quickly removed her shoe, this sissy licked it clean and then cleaned up the cum from her toes. Some had fallen on the floor, that too was consumed.

    The second happened early in the morning, Mistress ordered this sissy to shave very closely, then very generously let this sissy orally pleasure her to a powerful and body shaking orgasm, this gave this sissy great pleasure, Mistress then ordered this sissy to masturbate onto her stomach, immediately after cumming Mistress insisted this sissy consume the still warm cum, there was a lot! This sissys face was covered in cum.

    Yours gaffed and pantied

    nikki57. ( curtesy )

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