andrea65 | 06.08.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Womens Studies

This sissy recently went on first shopping trip. This sissy must admit it was with some trepidation that s.he embarked on this assignment. Sissy entered the store not long after it opened on a weekday as s.he thought that there would be less people there,there were a few ladies in the store milling about. This sissy then proceeded over to the undergarment section first and browsed the selection there for a little while and soon an assistant came by and asked if sissy was finding everything okay. This sissy replied that i was finding what i needed here but was looking for some skirts and top,maybe a cute dress as well. That was when she escorted me to the skirts and tops section,when we arrived there she inquired about the size i was looking for and style.

This sissy then nervously told her that s.he needed the clothes for h.erself which got a slightly surprised look and then a nice wry smile from the assistant. She then asked again what style this sissy was looking for and sissy replied conservative but somewhat sexy. She then proceeded to show this sissy some mid thigh skirts and form fitting blouses she said should serve the purpose of getting look sissy was after,she didnt show me any pants at this time since sissy told her the skirts accentuated the right parts of body and made access easier especially in rest room,although sissy didnt purchase any outer wear s.he did get a couple pairs of panties and some nice thigh high stockings and told her this sissy would be back when they got some more inventory they were expecting and she said she would be delighted to help me and make sure the fit looked good when i came back.

Although this sissy didnt get anything but some panties and hose it was definitely a nervous and excited sissy as s.he checked out at the cash register.



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