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Dear Mistresses! – Good news for you:

– Today I’ve made some special shaving: For the 1st time ever, I shaved my legs; from the toes up to my buttocks. The last mentioned was shaved outside and inside.
Since long time I’ve been shaving my intimate area; including my clit w/accessories. I usually do this from the navel, all the way down (the whole belly is shaved), and up between the cheeks.
What’s new today, is that all the hairs between the tighs was shaved as well.
– What a feeling: Being totally clean and sleek! Really great.
– However; as you’ll notice on my photographs: I don’t think I’ll ever do a whole body shaving. At least I need more time.
– On daytime I’m wearing pants with built-in gaff (a small bag) with a ribbon. This gaff tucks away the clitty and accessories; making a nice and flat “mons”.
When going to bed, I put the cage on.
I do hope you’re pleased with my today’s efforts.
– Finally I’ve a question: Why is so urgent to stay plugged all the time?
You see; I’ld very much like to stay plugged as well, but to me it’s just impossible. This is due to hemorrhoides.
– I’m enclosing some photographs as evidence.

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  1. trish sweetie

    This sissy would like to begin with he.r butt plug training. Is there a special tyoe for a sissy like me? Should s.he order it from the House of Sissify? Anything to please my Superiors.

    Your submissive girl,

    trish sullivan

  2. Madame Stewart

    A great start honey! I have suggestions and some answers for your questions.

    First – Read about Proper Correspondence Etiquette (as a retired officer, I’m sure you understand how important protocol is.) Use it in your Letters to all Superiors, and your Reports.

    Two – Learn about the House’s approach to tucking. I think you will find it useful.

    Three – Cages are for punishment! Were you asked to wear this? I didn’t ask you to wear this. These devices have the OPPOSITE effect of proper training. First, they exemplify your clitty, and that is not Our interest. Secondly – what happened to the training and Self Control you are to be working on? If it’s in a cage, that doesn’t solve anything. And Third – if you use a punishment device for fun, what am I to use when you actually NEED punishment.

    Four – Plugging. Too much clitty centricity is a sign of masculinity. (The fastest way to tell a Real Superior from a pandering sex worker.) You are here to overcome this! Your purpose is to serve, and in this becoming a proper butt slave! If you aren’t familiar with your newfound cunt – you need to become familiar with it, love it, nurture it. Plugging is part of this process.

    Less assumptions, more study My dear. I look forward to your next Report!

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