SissyLounge Behavior

andrea65 | 06.10.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Womens Studies

This sissy is ready to submit report on the sissyLounge Assignment. As this sissy delves deeper into feminization s.he has realized the importance of acting like a proper sissy when going to tinkle and take care of other bathroom needs.

Usually dressed in complete feminine attire when at home s.he observes the proper posture when using the toilet. Since this sissy usually is wearing a short sissy skirt,panties and thigh highs almost all the time s.he lifts the skirt (what there is of it since usually it barely covers the bottom of sissy ass cheeks), sits down softly as a proper sissy should, and closes her knees together with hands placed upon her knees and back straight while s.he tinkles. This is an excellent time to reflect on how to be more feminine in thoughts and actions while performing an essential body function, something almost like meditation this sissy would say.

After finishing relieving h.erself s.he wipes the clitty off by dabbing as intructed with toilet paper. After pulling panties back up and straightening the usually short skirt then it is time to do the things s.he was reflecting on,reapplying lipstick,powdering nose and other places,touching up any needed spot on makeup to look as perfect as s.he can for you never know when an interested superior might want to stop by for some review on essential sissy skills such as Anal Submission, Cocksucking or any number of other activities and a sissy should be well done up even for cleaning and housework duties. After all it is a sissy’s place and duty to represent the House and the training to her utmost ability,in or out of the bathroom.

Bathroom time is certainly an excellent time to occupy the mind with feminine thoughts as an idle mind almost certainly leads to no good things.


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