Secret Sissy
andrea65 | 06.09.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Getting Real

Being a secret sissy is a really tough Assignment.

While this sissy would love to expose freely inclinations working in an industrial enviroment doesnt agree with that inclination so much. Although being a sissy is as much in the mind as it is in body and appearance. This sissy wears panties to work and thigh highs under jeans. Since this sissy works both days and nights and has a job that is not under direct supervision at night provides opportunity to take 5 inch or 6 inch heels to work in backpack and wear them in certain places while at work. Oh what a feeling to be mincing around a huge building in heels and practicing even more that perfect sissy walk! It really puts this sissy in a feminine mindset while s.he is doing her job in heels and thigh highs,only thing better would be a skirt and top or sissy dress.

This definitely gives this sissy a new perspective on Women at work and causes this sissy to reflect deeply on how to be more feminine in her thoughts and actions whether at work or home.


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