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This first Assignment was a beautiful one and builds upon the foundations of being a true sissy. This sissy girl read it several times and plans to keep on rereading it everyday until it is embedded in her systems subconsciously . The Zen Of Servitude, is and should be taken as a preamble to all sissy trainings as it builds upon conditioning the mind of a sissy. A sissy can never be a sissy just from the body. True sissies are only those who are sissy not just from their bodies, but also their minds and even sissies down to their soul. The first assignment helps a sissy achieve that. Of course, it’s not easy to adopt, since there have been those “bad male habits” that were forced upon sissies since birth. It’ll take a lot of time and conditioning, and in a way the first assignment paves the stepping stones to the oath of sissiness. Becoming sissy is a lifelong journey with tons of mental conditioning and improvements required from the sissy and the first assignments helps a sissy start.

The Zen Of Servitude is not meant to be an assignment to just read and complete. It’s meant to be embedded in sissies’ minds and hearts, and from there grow develop on its own. This assignment sows the seeds for feminity and mental conditioning, but after that it is upto the sissy to nurture it and grow it into a full sissy plant or let it die.

One thing that this particular sissy really learned from the first assignment was about a sissies try place in the gender chart. This silly sissy learnt that a sissy is always at the bottom of this chart. A sissy can never be a real Girl. A sissy is cannot have real periods, she cannot give birth or get pregnant and she wasn’t born with a natural vagina like a real Woman. A sissy is a confused little silly boy who loves to serve, is very submissive and tries to be female. A sissy is not and can never become a real Girl (within the current limitations of science). A sissy is born to serve real Women and Men. This sissy girl learned the reason why this sissy addresses herself as a “s.he” or not a “She”, which is reserved for real Women only. Similarly, s.he also learnt why s.he’s not a “Girl” but a “gurl”. Unlike real Men and Women, a sissy is not free and her submissive tendencies must be exploited and used by the Superiors, as desired by both, the sissy and the Superior.

Reading this assignment, sissy learnt that since sissies are not real Women, sissies might have different, more stronger rules of Feminity apply to them than real Women. This is because a sissy is a confused little boy who wants to be a feminine and girly, so she is given the extra hard dose of feminity. These 8 rules presented in the assignment are the basic building blocs of feminity, which any real Woman follows, and help the sissy in start growing towards he.r goal of complete sissiness. And as a sissy grows, s.he has to keep on exploring, developing her sissyness more and more.

This sissy believes, that the true intent of Mistress in giving sissy this assignment as he.r first assignment was for the sissy to realise he.r place, learn what it means to be a sissy and help he.r learn and explore the feminine life.

This particular sissy girl was most inspired by the Women Studies point, and has a better clarity of he.r status. This sissy understands, that since s.he is just a silly confused boy trying to be feminine and girly, s.he tries to copy and imitate the real Women in he.r life and around he.r to achieve he.r desires. Thus real Women, are the most important source of inspiration for sissies, and that’s why giving them the respect and submitting to them, even more than a real Man, is very essential to a sissy. Real Women are a sissy’s teachers and teachers are always to be respected and obeyed. Don’t get this sissy wrong, this doesn’t mean a sissy should not obey and respect a real Man! A sissy has to obey every Superior no matter, but since the real Woman is giving the sissy something in return (i,e the teachings of feminity) a sissy has to be more respectful and give extra care and attention to the real Women. Every real Women has something to teach a sissy gurl and thus a sissy should respect every single real Women out there and give her the birthright she has of being a natural Women. Thus, if a sissy does something wrong, or for the plain sight of humiliation and amusement, the sissy can be punished by he.r Superiors as they desire. This sissy learnt to accept all he.r punishments happily as they are lessons being imparted to the sissy which will help he.r achieve he.r goals of complete sissiness.

This sissy is trying to condition her mind and trying to obey and respect all real Women, giving them the respect They deserve. sissy has a few Female staff members at he.r office and yesterday, sissy, with he.r new founded enlightenment, actually was very respectful to them and took their ideas and implemented them. One of the staff members had to leave an hour early, and though usually sissy doesn’t allow, s.he allowed Her the leave, understanding Her problem and respecting Her.

Another thing sissy did today which placed a Women’s needs above her own and helped sissy further demean herself as a servant was that last night sissy cleaned he.r entire bathroom. S.he bought a pair of pink cleaning gloves and cleaned the toilet, scrubbing and making it brand new. She proceeded to wipe her dressing table and sink, along with cleaning her shower and bathtub and finally mopping the whole floor. sissy cleaned the entire bathroom spic and span. sissy then went on to clean her room also. The entire time sissy was dressed in her feminine attire. This activity helped sissy demean herself as a sissy servant as s.he never before did something like this. Being from India, there’s a common culture here to have hired house helps by families to help with the cleaning, cooking of the house. The Women (Grandmothers/Mothers/Wives/Sisters) deal with them and ensure they do work properly or are there when those Women need help.

But these house helps are real Women also, and the one who works at my at my house is also! So technically, it was a task assigned to Her, to clean the bathroom. But this sissy placed her needs above, seeing a real Women doesn’t need to clean a sissy’s bathroom and room, and sissy did all this he.rself, showing respect to that real Women. If sissy could, s.he would take all the work of that real Women. The next morning when the House Help came to clean this sissy’s room, she was surprised seeing the bathroom all clean and the room with the bed made. She asked sissy who cleaned this, and sissy replied s.he did! And that She didn’t have to clean her room anymore as s.he could do that, but also told he.r not to tell he.r mommy about this as she would get inquisitive. This seemed to relieve Her too and made her happy as she get to do less work. This little sissy felt proud of he.rself seeing the smile of that Real Women’s face knowing s.he made Her happy.

This sissy is not at all done with her servitude to the real Women, and will continue it to be her life long endeavour, especially to make up for the past. This sissy continues to look for further opportunities of servitude and will post more submissions as they take place.

Along with these, all the other 8 points mentioned in the first assignment are very important for every sissy, as they will help all sissies understand themselves and condition their thinking, explore themselves and help them grow into that sissy direction. This sissy after reading and implementing the rules (some of them being implemented from earlier) continued her famine characters adoption such as, such as peeing by sitting down/sqauting always, having a little swing in he.r voice (like that of a girl) when s.he talks, taking dance practice classes to improve her feminine posture, writing her feelings as a sissy in a private sissy journal etc. These all came to this sissy naturally and automatically, when the sissy actually took her first steps into the world of feminity and accepted her sissyness which is what was the first Assignment teaches us sissies to do.

Thank you to all the Mistresses who have given this wonderful assignment to sissies for helping them condition their mind. This is a true teaching and true piece of advice that will help all of us sissies a lot more sissy and gurly in life.

Much Love and Curtseys <3


  1. Yay mishika! I knew you were going to become one of Our best students! I could tell from the first day that your girlishness was your primary concern, and that you would focus all your energies to become the girl you’ve always dreamed of.

    I know all too well the caste system that haunts your culture, and to transcend this in your studies is not only valuable to you, but for everyone honey. You made Me proud! 🙂

    1. Aw this sissy thanks You so much Mistress, for giving this sissy such a wonderful assignment! sissy had a great time performing, and realising he.r true place. Sissy will continue to work hard and please he.r Superiors! This sissy is so happy that Mistress is proud of this little sissy and can’t wait to turn in her other reports and be a good sissy gurl!

      Thank you for the opportunity to serve and amuse you Mistress

      <3 mishika

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