sissylisa | 07.14.2016 | Reports - Place and Worship


This sissy would like to submit her report on what she has learnt about Servitude.

Although she has only recently joined Sissify, she has been on her journey of really discovering her inner sissy for the past year and over the past few months has really started to embrace her desires. She has long identified as a submissive and has always had the utmost respect for Woman, craving to submit to them.

This sissy married into a vanilla relationship, however her wife does have a Dominant personality.

From the outset sissy has always assisted with the house cleaning and cooks for her wife on weekends when not at work. When sitting on the lounge with wife, sissy will quite often find herself massaging her wife’s feet, or neck/ shoulders and regularly gives full body massages.

sissy also performs cunnilingus for long periods, ensuring she cum’s before having sex with her.

As sissies feelings have grown stronger over this past year, she has steadily increased her chores around the house to the point where she now performs the majority, including the kitchen, bathrooms & toilet.

For the past 3 months sissy has not worn men’s underwear. During the working week she mainly wears pantyhose and occasionally she will wear panties under her work trousers and on weekends if wearing jeans. sissy needs to be mindful of her wife, so is unable to wear panties all of the time and has to drop unworn men’s underwear into the wash each day. When she is not able to wear panties she wears nothing.

As this sissy is a closest sissy she cannot shave herself completely, however her face, and genitals are kept hairless at all times.

Since sissy has started wearing pantyhose she now sits down to pee and through force of habit over the past few months, she no longer thinks about it and regardless of if she is wearing pantyhose or not she sits.

At every opportune moment at home sissy will slip on a slutty dress, stockings and one of her pairs 5” heels and practise her walking. sissy is proud to say she is becoming very good at walking in her high heels and is looking at purchasing a 6” pair.

sissy is working on her posture, and quite often slips her wife’s breast pads into her dress. She enjoys looking at herself in the mirror side on and seeing if she would pass for a real girl. In addition to her posture, sissy is also training herself to sit more lady like with her legs together at all times, which is something she needs to work on more.

sissy has always been able to make friends with woman and for many of her early years would prefer to hangout with girlfriends rather than guy friends. As sissy as recently started a new job in an office environment with a large portion of woman, she has befriended them and sits with them for lunch to chat.

Each passing day this sissies feelings grow more and more feminine and she is excited about discovering and learning about her femininity.

This sissy would like to thank you for reading her report and apologize for her lack of photo’s, however she will ensure to take more as her training progresses.


  1. Of course she has a Dominant personality honey – She’s married to a sissy! 🙂 I just love receiving the photos showing your effort on your Assignments from the company washroom. It lets Us know you are truly doing your Assignments!

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