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sissy feels that shaving is very important for every sissy and sissies must shave their entire body clean and smooth, making sure there is not a single hair anywhere on he.r body below he.r eyebrows.

Although this particular sissy also shaves, but it was still very irregular. However, ever since joining the House Of Sissify, this particular little sissy has been shaving he.rself regularly, once every week, making sure s.he is smooth and hair free at all times.

This sissy drew a nice hot warm bath for he.r sissy shaving session. Sissy loves he.r girly baths and it makes he.r feel so feminine. Sissy burned some rose incense sticks for a cute girly smell used girly pink razor and body wash for he.r shaving session.

Sissy got into the bath and cleaned all he.r lower extremities carefully and smooth following the instruction given in the assignment. Sissy proceeded to shave all he.r upper body and face also, making he.r baby smooth all over. Sissy paid extra attention to he.r sissy pussy and made sure it was clean all over. It took sissy a longer time for the same, but sissy was very pleased to achieve a completely smooth sissy pussy.
For he.r sissy clitty, this silly sissy made a small triangle landing strip on he.r sissy slitty, to exude more femininity.

Sissy looked at he.rself in the bathtub and was so happy and excited seeing he.r fresh and smooth girly body! This little sissy was so overjoyed!

Slowly sissy drained the water from the tub and did a small photo session, clicking pictures of he.r freshly smooth feminine body for he.r Superiors to enjoy. After this, sissy put on a girly scented moisturizer all over he.r little sissy body, keeping he.r freshly shaven skin smooth and soft. sissy felt so girly and famine as she felt he.r smooth soft skin being moisturized!

Sissy wore a really girly silky nighty and then cleaned and scrubbed he.r little bathtub throughly, making sure no traces of ugly sissy hair were left in the tub, before retiring for bed.

Sissy felt so good feeling her freshly smooth and shaven legs rub against each other, through her silky nighty as she slept. Sissy was in girly heaven!

Sissy now understands why regular shaving the whole body in a girly ritual is important for every sissy. It helps the sissy realize he.r status of being a sissy of course, as no Real Man would ever shave His whole body. Only sissies do. Sissy would also feel so feminine and girly and would continuously keep feeling he.r girly self for days, by rubbing he.r skin against itself, until he hair starts growing back. This feeling is very important for a sissy, and this sissy realizes this now, the importance of sissy shaving!

This sissy has made he.r shaving ritual a regular planned event and has set a reminder for every week. Sissy will keep on doing he.r regular full body shaving to please he.r Superiors and to continue feeling he.r girly self!

This sissy is so thankful to he.r superiors for giving he.r this Assignment.

Much Love and Curtseys <3


  1. Hi mishika!

    Oh mishika that assignment was amazing! It definitely has truly inspired this sissy to try and do her best to emulate such an amazing report! your body looks so smooth and perfect and your words really resonate, especially when you mentioned since joining The House you began to shave with more regularity. Thank you for your beautiful words and pictures and this sissy definitely looks forward to reading more of your works!

    1. this sissy is so glad Mistress is enjoying he.r assignments! sissy loves to please he.r Superiors and is here to serve all Real Men and Women as much as possible. This sissy will continue to apply he.rself in he.r sissy assignments and work hard to become a true sissy and serve he.r Superiors. Thank You so much for accepting and giving this opportunity to this sissy Mistress!

      Love and Curtseys
      mishika <3

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