Zen of Servitude

sissy-marky | 06.23.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Place and Worship

This sissy-marky has begun he.r Assignment the Zen of Servitude. This sissys apartment needed a cleaning, this allowed sissy-marky to practice he.r walk while vacuuming. A water break was used by he.r to practice sitting. This sissy used a text to speech Web site to produce a mp4 to listen to part of the Zen of Servitude. This sissy will continue to practice the points made on assignment. This sissy wishes to Thank he.r Superiors for this beginning of it’s emasculation.

Thank You Superiors!


  1. sissy marky

    Some progress is being made with regards to the conditioning of this sissy to serve and submit to he.r Superiors , which sissy is realizing that he.r Superiors are everyone other than he.r. Sissy is making sure he.r appearance is kept up. sissy-marky has taken to bubble baths more often now, at the very least 2 a week.Sissy has stopped using he.r electric shaving devices, and is using the House approved method of razors for shaving. The new routine is having a delightful effect, as sissy was complimented on he.r soft skin by a male friend s.he pleasures, when He comes to Martinez, a couple of times a month. Sissy loves the girly feelings provoked soaking and shaving knowing it pleases Daddy and is enriching my feminine side.

    Sissy now finds herself sitting, walking and standing, a little straighter in the back and walking much more fluid. Enjoying the tucked saunter of sissiness.

    Sissy has started devoting more time to supporting he.r 2 daughters. Helping them getting thru college. This sissy is so very fortunate they are very supportive of this sissy being a mtf trans.
    Work has blessed sissy-marky with many opportunities to be subservient to Women, having them take charge of the projects assigned and following Their orders. Sissy must say it was not easy at first but as the weeks have past it becomes much more acceptable for sissy to obey. By no means is sissy-marky there so much more work to do to show respect, but s.he is coming to an inner peace with he.r new place of subservience and is starting to overcome the decades of male roleplaying.

    All in all sissy-marky is so thankful for the support of the House of Sissify. S.he feels much less of an inner conflict with he.r sissy side starting to take root. Sissy is looking forward to the enriching assignments, advice and guidance of he r Superiors.
    With much love.

    Thank You Superiors,
    and as always
    Grateful for Your Guidance

  2. margeaux

    Hi marky! Good pictures again! And that is very intriguing that you used a text to speech to help communicate the assignment to you and really absorb its lessons! Way to work on that quality replacement! It would be an awesome addition if you could mention how you practiced the women’s studies and redemption portions of the assignment as well and how you felt about them.

  3. Madame Stewart

    A great start marky! But – I want you to move past your comfort zone, and apply the concepts of servitude in your serving a Superior. She can be your boss, your co-worker, your Mother, your sister – ANY Woman that you have the ability to show your indebtedness and subservience to. Who will you choose? What will you do for them? I look forward to your next report.

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