shoes of service


jessy_yessy | 07.14.2016 | Reports - Place and Worship

A path to sissyhood must begin with subjection to the House. Servitude is the goal and a good sissy should aspire to meet this requirement. The idea of servitude and submission trickles down into every aspect of being a sissy.

First and foremost are panties! A good sissy loves her panties and I just adore mine! They should be kept clean. Wearing them reminds my that I am only a sissy and my submission is the only thing that matters.

With that out of the way a sissy must remember her manners and demeanor. They are important is almost every aspect of being a sissy. Ranging from being a proper hostess to the art of cunnilingus and fellatio. Having a proper sissy attitude is paramount to a sissy’s performance.


  1. maia, the maid

    wow !!! a lot of things for sissy-t to remember ! first s.he is starting with total subjection to the House, of course, goes without saying ! the manners and demeanor are put up for the test seeing how this girl is just getting startet. hope i can do it (crossing fingers)

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