Sissy Shaving

alt_art | 05.13.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Girlish Essence

Dear Mistresses,

As instructed, this sissy went shopping tonight, for a high-quality (pink!) feminine razor, and some body lotion to soothe he.r skin afterwards. In the shop, s.he looked everywhere for a female shaving gel or foam, but didn’t find any. This sissy felt very puzzled, and a bit foolish: s.he had never thought it might not exist!

At the till, this sissy was slightly nervous about the cashier’s reaction at he.r purchases, but she barely raised an eyebrow. In any case, this sissy thanked her profusely, with all the respect that s.he owes to Women everywhere.

Then as soon as s.he arrived home, this sissy poured herself a nice hot bubble bath, using a raspberry-scented gel that came with the body lotion. This sissy enjoyed a lot letting he.r hair down after a long day, but s.he still had lots to do! So after ten minutes, s.he took he.r new razor, and set to work on her legs.

This sissy had not shaved for a very long time, and so it took he.r more than an hour to get rid of all the disgraceful hair on he.r feet, legs, arms and chest. s.he also paid extra attention to her back and posterior, as the Superiors had warned this was all too often overlooked by sissies in training. All in all, this sissy passed the razor more than three times on some areas, until s.he was fully confident s.he was perfectly smooth and hairless.

Now this sissy is tucked in he.r tight panties, and lying in bed, smelling like a raspberry sweet. s.he feels smooth like a dream, and cannot stop caressing he.r arms, he.r chest and he.r legs, as s.he cannot fully believe that they are hers — or rather, connected to he.r body, which belongs entirely to the Mistresses.

This sissy will have very sweet dreams tonight. Thank you Mistresses for this assignment.

Obediently yours,

sissy alexandra


  1. Madame Stewart

    I’m so surprised you couldn’t’ find any ladies shaving gel honey. It smells so sweet and is so soft for your skin – but glad that it didn’t stop you. You look so smooth and sexy in your panties! Great report honey. Enjoy the silkiness!

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