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sissiejennifer | 07.17.2016 | Assignment Reports, Assignments - Place and Worship

women are superior than men and require the utmost respect. this sissy has know for years that s.he is meant to be a servant sissy maid. s.he needs desperately to be feminized and try hard to be a woman, understanding that s.he is pathetic and can never be a woman. s.he tried pleasing her wife in a stealth manner for a period of time., performing all the housework, preparing her bath and all associated traits required of a sissy. even managed to get her to punish several times. she was not happy performing this on her husband. this sissy begged her to continue. this sissy shaves entire body and wears panties 24/7. s.he has thrown away all boys underwear. s.he has written many letters to wife explaining desire to serve, have clit locked,cuckold, bondage and the list goes on and on. wife refuses to take any action. unfortunately, she does not understand that these desires will not go away.

this sissy understands that s.he will have no freedom as a servant and must always be treated with humiliation and placed in rightful position. it is intent to become a submissive sissy slut that anyone would love to use. s.he hopes in all encounters with cunnilingus and fellatio that those involved are satisfied and desire to repeat services often.

this sissy tries very hard to comply with the proper posture of a woman. s.he is constantly aware of walking and sitting posture. to be honest, s.he never realized the importance of kneeling properly. s.he needs improvements in these areas and promises to perfect them as much as possible, s.he will ensure her appearance excels expectations.

this sissy has for some time now served women with the utmost respect they deserve. there needs are always come before my needs. on numerous occasions at work this sissy has openly confessed as being a sissy to both men and women. when s.he sees a woman struggling with something s.he offer assistance. in no way does s.he try to be or act smarter than a woman.

this sissy has an enormous desire to please both woman and real men sexually. being a slut is the ultimate goal of a sissy. as such a sissy should always dress and act as a slut and appear desirable when in public. although this sissy has not dressed enfemme in public, s.he try to appear feminine in actions.

as stated at the beginning of this report, because wife has refused to take the lead, this sissy searched and found a mistress. she totally knows my needs and desires. in a few months, this sissy will become her sissy slave. she has plans to totally transform me into a woman. i will first begin hormones and follow with several surgeries. this sissy is very excited. this lifestyle has been a long time coming.

sissie jennifer


  1. Madame Stewart

    I’m concerned about your inherent disrespect of your Wife, your True Superior with which you have a commitment. Your need to replace Her to follow your own dreams, as if it’s even Her responsibility? IT IS NOT. If She doesn’t want to see you as Her sissy, it’s your inherent responsibility to serve Her anyway while you are with Her! To become more loving, and less demanding, and focused upon Her needs. All feminine attributes that should be cultivated while you are with Her and beyond.

    It’s not a submissive nature that tries to “Frankenstein the Mistress”, but instead a nature that is self serving. This must be eradicated!

    If you need “more” – it should be reviewed and approved with Her. If it is not, the only Truthful thing you can do is leave the relationship. The way you speak of this new “Mistress” is as if you purchased one, and I found that inherently disrespectful.

    I think We need to talk more about this honey. Write Me personally to discuss the matter further, and until then, read these Assignments:

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