A long way to go

quedesha | 10.02.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Place and Worship

I learned from this assignment. If a long way to go.

The inspiration of my goal to be transformed
This sissy wrote as her caption: Born to be transformed and to serve woman. i consider myself a submissive to woman. This is one of the reasons the name quedesha appeals to me. In ancient times man and woman were temple hookers. In the most secret temples the man served the woman as prostitute and were transformed into woman. The first part was destroying their ego. To make them complete submissive to woman. So they had do al kind of jobs and to be turned into objects. Then in the second phase the woman qualities had to stamp into them. This being dressed like woman and to act like woman and they were given special herbs to look more like woman. However they still had the sexual organs of a man. In the following phase in a religious shamanic sermonny the man who had completed the tests were castrated. But they still had their dicks. In the last phase mostly at the longest day of the year there was an official ceremony in which the penis was cut and the former man received something like a cunt. By the way i like shamanic religions.

Objectives of this sissy: servitude under all circumstances
But this sissy needs guidance. Thank you for admitting me. This sissy needs to learn the core of what is intended form the House curriculum.

A Mistress
Are you without a Mistress at this time? Yes
Are you under House rule? No

Once I had a Mistress but an unfortunate incident made an end to her activities. We had a TPE agreement. My Mistress was in the news all over the world. To help her we wrote together a book. The content of this book is partially fictional. During my years with her this sissy started to learn to respect and to be submissive to woman. Unfortunately my Mistress left

Quality replacements
Every day i use hypnosis to transform myself into a woman or to unlearn manly behaviour as described in your quality replacement. This sissy compared your quality replacement with her “right thinking” and her “wrong thinking”

This sissy doesn’t know what smooth exactly is. Equals smooth hairless? Than this sissy reached the goal for 95% with IPL hair removal treatment. Does smooth mean completing a task with such grace an fluidity that the onlooker will lose appreciation for how difficult a task it really was? Please advice.
IMG_0904 (2)Duties
Thoughts are nice but without actions to follow them up they mean nothing. In the assignment are mentioned simple things as:

• Learning to cook well. This sissy does that already many years for his family and this sissy likes it if they are satisfied.
• This sissy also cleans the house and keeps the garden proper. This sissy is proud if people mention how clean the house is or how great the garden looks.
• This sissy is not good at giving massages. However this sissy follows a tantra course. This sissy hopes he will acquire more massage skill.
• This sissy is a serving hostess when there is a party in the house. However during this party this sissy is not dressed in a woman serving attire. Only when i was with my former Mistress i was dressed like that.
• By my former Mistress this sissy was regularly sent to girls. In brothels and outside. This sissy was instructed to make these girls happy sexually and otherwise. Do to my teaching a am very fond of cunnilingus. This sissy likes to give woman sexually what is there due. The benefit for me is that i also enjoy it very much. This sissy was force a few times to perform fellatio. But that makes this sissy no expert.

In my hypnosis MP3 there are many files that are about the subjects of keeping up appearances like sitting, standing, kneeling, walking, and talking. But this sissy noticed from the assignment that she makes a big mistake by not covering my pointless sex organs.

This sissy wears day in day out several panties. Most are black a few have another collar. This sissy practice daily sitting. Sometimes this sissy forgets how to do it. But especially in the morning it is for this sissy easy since at night she wears a nightdress. If she sits wrong my pointless sex organs are on show. She doesn’t like it. So also the sitting needs more practice.

For me it was not easy to learn to behave. It still is. This sissy still makes too much mistakes. But slowly she is learning. In the past TPE she tread to give up her free will. Her mistress could beat and punish her. In fact my body and soul belonged to her. The TPE is described in the book. She could do what she wanted. And she did. E.g. I was branded several times. She put tattoos all over my body and pierced me through my nipples and penis. I have e.g. a permanent collar tattooed in Mexico around my neck.

Respect woman
I respect woman and tread woman well. When possible I give them complements or encourage them. This sissy is a strong supporter of FEMDOM.


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