Zen of Servitude
tracygurl | 09.27.2018 | Reports - Place and Worship

This sissy has just read the assignment on the Zen of Servitude. She realized how much she has to learn and change!

This sissy learned she CAN practice the most important parts of being a sissy even without being under the control of a Mistress or Master.

“Servitude is the goal.” This sissy needs to strive to remember and live by that.

When this sissy read, “Humiliation and consistency is the means of becoming firmly established in the knowledge of your rightful position as a submissive pet. “ she was scared. This sissy will need to work very hard and seek help learning to accept humiliation. This sissy will need to re-wire her brain.

This sissy will buy and wear panties and begin wearing them every day. This will be a constant reminder of her position.

This sissy will begin to study Women and respect them even more. That is this sissies new role.

This sissy will write on her mirror, “Have i served a woman today?“. This will remind this sissy to always be looking for ways to serve.


  1. You showed Me all the important things that We look for. Humility. Intention. Willingness. Application. Commitment. It’s all there!

    Just remember, you have 2 more levels of Servitude Badges to add to your Princess Points as you share your application of the Assignment!

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