Shaving Legs
wendy4313 | 01.15.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Girlish Essence

Curtsey Mistress’s

sissy wendy has completed the assignment sissy shaving. at first wendy only did their legs but it made sissy feel so weird so i did the rest of my body to match wendy hopes this was okay since i do not have a SO or Mistress now that could tell me to go and do it. it was the first bath sissy had taken in a long time, normally sissy just showers. wendy used a nice lavender scented bubble bath and only nicked themselves abut 5 times none very bad. Was able to get all he hair off in about 1 hour except on sissy’s back just can not reach it all got what i could reach and am trying to find a way to get the rest. maybe sissy can find a salon that will wax it off for a cheap price. it was extremely satisfying to complete this task and has help me feel a bit more like the sissy i think i am by doing this, now sissy just needs to keep it smooth. after the shave and bath wendy used a body wash by caress fine fragrance called “adore forever” and a nice soft sponge like thing that looks like a big puff ball and washed sissy’s whole body and hair with it t his left a nice womanly scent and lasted for about 8 hours after use if sissy rubbed their skin. sissy wendy loved this lesson and is eager to move on to their next one which will be masturbation 101 that sissy was told to do in their email about being assigned their special days.


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