sissyari | 02.20.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

Feminine poise it takes constant remembrance for sissy’s demeanor while sitting, standing, kneeling, walking. This Sissy is greatfull for the Assignment and will continue to return to this assignment to ensure s.he is brilliant on the basics the foundation of education and the understanding that ultimately Servitude is the goal and s.he aims to impress the House as she continues to grow.

Mandatory panties is the best thing for sissy s.he is constantly in the mindset that s.he is not the man that most assume. S.he is a sissy and loves to look pretty in pink sissy lives for a superiors command and that command a sissy simply must do. This sissy went to the store and now has more satin panties than days of the week to aid in keeping a stylish appearance in each outfit.

S.he is working with aspects of this assignment as frame work for other assignments such as “sissy walk” of which she is now at intermediate level. Thanks to the basics gained from this assignment.

Posture is key that sissy understands s.he must perfect it while sitting, walking, and kneeling as these are qualities that a superior will notice and adore about her.

Having reread this assignment and constant course corrections Sissy is feeling more feminine and natural with every movement and passing moment. Sissy is a and needs to be graceful and elegant at all times to improve the experience a superior will have while Sissy is serving that superior.

In closing sissy would love to thank the House for an informative, altering, and important assignment as s.he becomes the true sissy she was made to be.


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