kirtsiann | 08.26.2018 | Reports - sissySexuality

Thank you once again for allowing this sissy to shamelessly rub her little clitty. Knowing that she does not deserve such a generous relief, this sissy has decided to dedicate her silly excretions to developing her girlish essence and feminine sexuality.

This sissy hopes you will be proud to know that she no longer masturbates without anal stimulation! Before she indulges in the erotic stories and specially selected fantasy, she always ensures that her sissy vagina is filled with a large plug or vibrating dildo. When kirsti ann finds a loving Mistress or Boyfriend, she must ensure that she is physically ready!

This sissy also aims to reinforce your teachings through feminising hypnosis! Whether it is to further her addiction to lingerie and makeup, or to encourage her openness to serving real men, this sissy feels no pleasure unless she is dedicated to becoming the best sissy gurl she can be! When Kirsti Ann is gifted to a superior or married off as a trophy-sissy one day, she must be mentally ready!

This sissy hopes her superiors are proud of her and that she can serve as a role model to all her sissy sisters! Masturbation is a gift; enjoy it, embrace it, but never use it selfishly.


  1. wonderful, sister. don-na is so proud of you. 🙂 one more idea for using any cum you create is to rub it into your titties (a double wonderful feel). another to rub into your checks like a cream until it absorbs. this sissy only dribble out cum when allowed but does eat it and use as above. 🙂

  2. Once achieved proper sexuality is quite simple or it looks so as a whole but it is fascinating how some sissies can have erection and use it even after years of hormones and transformation.

    1. Madame Stewart, curtsy, is the she & her’s vs. s.he or he.r acceptable or are they both acceptable? Just curious, red rose did the same thing on he.r last assignment, it’s not graded yet but s.he was worried since s.he didn’t catch it until after it was submitted! Thank you in advance, red rose, slutty cum ho wannabee

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