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This sissy has been in the House for a little while now. And s.he thinks he.r first assignment report is long overdue. Of course as instructed upon joining the House, he.r first report had to be on the Zen of Servitude Assignment.

This sissy have read about the assignment again and again. And s.he couldn’t help feel a bit sad about all the qualities she didn’t have to be considered worthy of being in a Mistress’ service.

But that didn’t stop her from this time on, to strive to be a better sissy.

Before tackling the exterior aspect of he.r change, s.he pondered on what it meant to be a sissy and on the place Women should have in he.r life. That part luckily wasn’t to hard. While she didn’t knew yet what it took to be a good sissy, she knew from the get go that ALL Women were superior to he.r. Actually, thinking about it now, s.he think that unconsciously s.he knew that to be true since her younger days. This sissy thinks that knowing the superiority of Women was the sole reason he.r nights were full of dreams with he.r being transformed in a beautiful Woman. So now that s.he knew that to be the absolute truth, namely Women to be he.r Superiors, s.he had to implement that in he.r life. That too wasn’t to hard to implement. Given that s.he always had more girl friends than boys. So s.he started hanging out even more with he.r girl friends and all he.r cousins. Trying to study even more their girlish essence and behaviour. Then to thank them for all these opportunities, this sissy liked to be at there services unbeknown to them. With little gesture here and there. s.he would invite one to a restaurant (sadly this sissy can’t cook for the life of he.r yet), or she would buy another a book she really wanted to read, or s.he would babysit for a cousin so She can go out and enjoy a good date night with Her husband. One day this sissy was asked by a Woman to help Her Daughter with school work, and this sissy is proud to announce that she didn’t take any money for these 2 or so hours of work even though it could have been nice to have a little extra money for the weekend. But of course this sissy was amply rewarded for these two hours because s.he saw that s.he had made a Superior happy. That was about the unseen change in he.r behaviour.

Now, about the apparent changes in he.r life. First of all this sissy is ashamed to confess that s.he is not pantied on a daily basis. Sadly, s.he does not yet have enough panties to do so and even with the one s.he owns s.he doesn’t dare go outside the house with them on 🙁

With that out of he.r heart, this sissy is also happy to see that certain things have changed in he.r behaviours. Here are all s.he could remember.
– as for the chores, s.he now does certain things automatically. When s.he wakes up in the morning, s.he always does he.r bed. Also she now sweeps the floor way more often. s.he is in general more clean.
– s.he now always sits down when going to the restroom. s.he would rather wait for a cubicle to be free than to do it standing up.
– from time to time, s.he reminds herself to sit like a proper sissy. For that too s.he was rewarded one day when one of he.r cousin asked he.r why s.he was sitting like a girl :L:
And that is for now all s.he can think of. As of today she started to train walking like a good sissy. (For now she’s really bad at it Sadly, s.he seems to over accentuate the swaying of the hips. And it doesn’t look too natural. More training is of course needed)

This sissy thank Madame, all Mistress and Superiors of the House, and the sisters to have taken the time to read this sissy’s ramblings.



  1. sissy sally has had the same beautiful dream about becoming a beautiful woman. As a seven year old, sissy was so confused about having dreams of becoming a dainty seven year old girl, wearing pretty dresses, girly panty’s, bright red polished finger nails and pretty pink ribbons in her long banana curled hair. What a lovely report pooferella !

    1. Oh My Goddess, this sissy is so happy right now. s.he was so afraid, she thought s.he did bad with he.r assignment. But seeing Madame happy about it made he.r so proud.
      Oh of course Madame, s.he would never go through he.r Cousin’s closet without Her consent. But being really close to Her, this sissy already had the chance once to admire her collection ? (She has some gorgeous heels in there ?)
      Once more this sissy would like to thank Madame for the House.

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