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This sissy started reading about anal submission and realized s.he too needed to change how s.he views he.r femininity and and put an end to he.r masculinity. s.he has never before explored he’r anus or considered it as he.r vagina but s.he now has a better understanding .

This sissy went in search of plugs to help he.r to embrace he.r new place in life . While s.he was waiting for he.r shipment, s.he began to make sure he.r new pussy was being cleaned every day in the shower using he.r finger. At night s.he began to finger he.rself to get used to the feeling of being penetrated when ever it was required. On he.r special day s.he slid he.r finger in so s.he would know how he.r muscles spasmed as s.he was brought to he.r release. S.he did he.r best to lick up every drop as s.he was on her knees with he.r butt up in the air for this experience.

A few hours later sissy’s package arrived. The order consisted of three different sizes of butt plugs and a bonus present for prostate stimulation. Sissy lubed up the smallest plug to start with and inserted it into its new home. After a few weeks training with the smaller plug for a few hours a day sissy started training with the midsized plug. Sissy is kind of scared of the larger plug and will cross that bridge when s.he comes to it.

This sissy has also been training with the special gift s.he received and has now started researching buying he.r first dildo.

This sissy is committed to stay pantied, plugged and tucked and is so thankful to Madame Stewart and all he.r sisters for this learning experience

Hugs and kisses


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