Secret sissy

Secret sissy, for how long…?

sissysashaslut | 04.05.2019 | Reports - Getting Real

sissy sasha is brand new to the House and s.he is the most nervous and pathetic specimen. s.he is definitely a secret sissy with a longing to serve and have Superior Women see for who s.he is.

The training sissy sasha has read on secret sissys has taught that there is still plenty s.he can do to train and become a better sissy.

sissy sasha must always wear panties, never male underwear

sissy sasha must always sit down to tinkle like a proper sissy

sissy sasha must embrace femininity and strive to wear as many girly things in every day life as possible. sasha thinks s.he may start wearing lacy bralettes

i am a secret sissy. But sissy sasha wants to be better than that and will continue he.r training



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