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caren | 05.07.2019 | Reports - Getting Real


Greetings to all of this sissies wonderful Superiors! caren has been living the life of a secret sissy for several months now and with the permission of the House and Superiors, s.he would like to make report now.

This has been an interesting and exciting assignment in that even though caren has long been wearing bras and panties under drab jeans and t-shirts, s.he has begun to wear pantyhose and camisoles as well as some nice low heel boots as daily wear. s.he has gotten some strange looks from fellow drivers but s.he just smiles and goes on with business. The pantyhose require to use a stall so s.he can pull clothing down to use the facilities and sometimes the latch does not work right allowing the door to come open putting caren’s underthings on display! Ooops:) So far no one has said anything bad to however s.he has to be careful since there are so many mean people on the road.

caren is working towards the day when s.he will be brave enough to forgo the secret part and come out as the sissy s.he is! thanks to this Wonderful House and all Beautiful Superiors for Their patience with this sissy!(curtsy)


    1. Great one, Renee! Weird Al is a genius. This sissy is very disappointed that will be he.r nephew’s first rock concert next month, while lila is in Europe and can’t attend. Hopefully he’ll play that song (especially in St. Louis, MO!).

  1. congratulations. sissy agrees trucking can be a difficult venue for a sissy. sister is so bold! sissy wonders how sister feels tucked and plugged while she drives. sissy knows how very bumpy a semi can be – be safe and don’t accidentally hurt yourself.

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