A sissy serves her Superior
kieraann | 05.05.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

A sissy’s role is to serve the needs and desires of a Superior.

In order to properly serve Her Superior it is of utmost importance that the sissy is of the correct mindset. she must learn to let go of her previous selfish man thoughts and learn to put others first. To derive satisfaction and happiness solely from the knowledge that her superior is pleased. Examples of such acts could be dedicated cleaning of her Superiors house or apartment. Anticipating the needs of her Superior before her Superior says anything. Providing her superior with a massage, breakfast in bed or making the house look more feminine with new curtains or smell nice with scented candles. The sissies Superior doesn’t have to thank the sissy for her service but if she does the sissy should be grateful and acknowledge her Superiors appreciation.

A good sissy must know how to serve her Mistress or Masters in the bedroom as well when called upon. she must be skilled in oral pleasure for either her Mistress or Masters and be ready to serve when commanded.

In conclusion the sissy no longer has any thoughts other than how to please her Superior.


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