Maid Service
sophiasissyslave | 05.05.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

sophia has worked on her Obedience and Servitude for the past few days. she learned that serving and obeying feels good. It’s easier and pleasing to serve others, she also started to walk and sit like a real sissy.

she is also more calm and does not talk when not asked to. While sophia’s Girlfriend is not aware of the beginning of her sissification, She really loves the cunnilingus and massage She have received from sophia.

With all of sophia’s respect, Mistresses this is her first report. Pardon her for any error she has made. she is not as perfect as you are.

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1 year ago

What should be done as written Ken Hensley in Uriah Heep album “Look at yourself”? Step by step demasculinization, feminization , sissification and what is the most important DUSTING OWN ME to be a good play-toy and a propety of your Superior. And sofiasissyslave reports about a nice start.

princess sissy
1 year ago

a great start sister!

Madame Stewart
1 year ago

Good start, while I shuddered when I read that you had submitted a report after only contemplating and performing the assignment for a scant 2 days! But, you gave real life examples of your efforts about pleasing your Superior, and thats what it is all about. Staff… badge that girl!