A sissy serves her Superior
gretchen-2 | 02.26.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

Gretchen joined the House to help her improve herself. She realizes that she has been selfish and desperately wants to change that. The assignment Zen of Servitude is a welcome summary of things that gretchen may have realized but wasn’t practicing.

fretchen will need to approach the house as a Secret Sissy, but she can absolutely practice all of the things outlined in servitude. In the past she may have spent her free time wanking to porn, but now she is investing it in self improvement that yields benefits for her SO.

Gretchen now shops for all of the groceries and cooks dinner most every evening. She is working on improving her cleaing skills. At the end of each day she makes sure to ask her SO about her day, listen actively and ask questions about events of the day. Gretchen does not talk about her day unless asks and maintains a pleasant attitude all day.

Other points from the assignment.

Panties- gretchen has gotten some new panties and is wearing them frequently but not daily due to the need for discretion. It feels fantastic, and tucking really emphasizes the uselessness of her clitty.

Gretchen trys to walk appropriately in public even if dressed in jeans and a t-shirt (hopefully with panties). She found it fun to walk through the post office and grocery store feeling that she was walking with more purpose than before.

Gretchen suffers from the humiliation that her SO has declared no interest in the clitty and has no plans to engage it again. This happened some time ago, and it first made Gretchen mad and more selfish. Gretchen has determined that false masculinity was the issue and the resolution is emasculation as a part of the recovery and embracing this assignment is a good start.

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Madame Stewart
1 year ago

Emasculation? Always an excellent idea! Great report gretchen!