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kittycupcakes | 01.18.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

Dear House of and All House Superiors.

Sissy kitty cupcakes, has now served the Lovely Mistress Dee for 3 months. This sissy is happy to report that during this time Serving Mistress well being dressed up is now becoming the norm.

During this last week, Mistress has really been pushing that this sissy learns to cook. To be quite honest, this sissy is the worst cook ever and burns water. However, Mistress has stressed that she wants to train me to cook and bake and that everyday cooking, just like cleaning should become part of my routine.

Truth be told this sissy loves cleaning for my Mistress. Walking around and dusting well shaking my cute big sissy ass under my cute little dresses have been bliss. Sweeping has never felt as sexy. The other night this sissy was standing near the sink and doing dishes when Mistress snuck up on this sissy and snapped a photo. Later that night when we were laying in bed Mistress Dee showed it to me, and that was a true moment in the zen. Zen in servitude. This sissy is always so amazed at Her. She likes it, the fact that this sissy is strange and likes to dress as a girl doesn’t bother Her. In fact, this sissy has come to believe it turns Her on. She seems really happy when She sticks stuff in my butt and when She showed sissy all the photos Shes taken of this sissy. She would just scroll through them gigging, which made this sissy feel very emasculated and fem, yet sexy at the same time. She always pushes on me that there is nothing wrong with me, She builds confidence in this sissy’s self and is a loving and caring Mistress.

That being said she also knows how to lay a good whipping and fuck with this sissy’s inner minds eyes. Last time She gave me a good lashing and it was a reminder Not to be late and not to make plans this sissy can’t keep. truth be told it hurt a little on my butt, but it hurt a lot more on the inside knowing that this sissy let Her down. As She is amazing and deserves the best sissy, this sissy can be at all times possible.

However, Mistress has told this sissy that She enjoys my services and plans on keeping me no matter how much “susan” fucks up. Mistress has told me that my screw-ups just leave more room for corrective actions. And She said that with a whip in her hands. which scared me and turned me on at the same time. Mistress Can go from playful fun pats on the behind, to full out baseball swing whip slashes very quickly and this sissy has learned not to test Her.

Every time this sissy enters Mistresses House its a new adventure in service and Mistress is always happy to see this sissy, which is a nice feeling. this sissy very much enjoys being owned by Her and is very happy to serve.

This sissy would like to thank Mistress Dee for allowing this sissy the privilege to serve Her. This sissy would also like to thank the House of for allowing to continue to posting and share my reports and experiences of this sissy’s life, and driving deeper into the rabbit hole known as feminization and sissifcation.

This sissy has include photo evidence. Most of these photos were taken by Mistress Dee during a moment she was delivering punishment. but this sissy has also included a photo of he.rself eating a blue waffle, cause its pretty funny.

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sissy gracie
1 year ago

Fabulous absolutely Fabulous dear sweet kittycupcakes, or perhaps it should be susan? Oh such descriptive words and nuances used in this report… it is so very in depth about how and what you are and want to be… Thank you so very much for sharing this wonderful experience with your Mistress. yes you are truly blessed to be in Her Service…

Madame Stewart
1 year ago

I am so in agreement with your Superior honey, as I have used the exact words: “Mistress has told me that my screw-ups just leave more room for corrective actions. “