Will you be able to find a real Mistress?
jsmithcici | 07.21.2018 | Reports - Place and Worship

This sissy cannot read this Assignment too much. It could bear reading every day.

Becoming a complete sissy requires an acceptance of that is who one is. It requires embracing the reality that one is someone else’s property, that one is literally owned and only exists to serve one’s Owner. Rules set by The Mistress or The Master are to be memorized and followed as that is Their way of ensuring that the sissy understands her place. With respect, this sissy believes that submissive behavior comes naturally once a sissy has embraced and accepted that she is someone else’s property, that she exists to serve Another.For example a curtsey is a show of respect and should come naturally and should not have to be remembered. It reflects who and what a sissy is, property. Addressing a Superior as Mistress or Master merely acknowledges that the sissy is Their property.

In addition to being property a sissy has to accept that she is inferior to Superiors. This can be exhibited in every part of a sissy’s life. At the office, even during a sissy’s work time sissy can place all Women on a pedestal and treat Them with the respect deserved for a Superior. See oneself for who sissy is, an inferior, especially to Women. Let sissy’s actions, demeanor, and speech reflect that inferiority.

A sissy should at all times be reminded that she is a submissive sissy. sissies should not own any Real Men underwear. sissies should always wear panties, even in business meetings or in the board room. Panties should be a part of sissy’s life as sissy must always wear something that constantly remind her that she is a sissy. Panties, bras, hose; something must be worn at all times. This sissy owns no Real Men underwear. This sissy only owns panties.

Finally, true servitude is recognizing that sissy’s Mistress can do no wrong. Mistress should have expectations and sissy should have none other than meeting Mistress’ expectations and serving Her. Mistress has every right to do whatever She pleases and sissy’s role is to serve and support Her desires, wants, and needs regardless what they are. sissy must put her total faith in Mistress’ directives and never question Her. sissy should only give an opinion when asked. Otherwise sissy should just serve and obey. If Mistress wants a boyfriend then sissy should recognize that sissy can’t provide those needs. sissy should serve and support Mistress’ decisions and serve Her Boyfriend if directed to do so.

Servitude is recognizing that a sissy is Mistress’ property and serve as such.




  1. And this honey, is why you are placed with a powerful Superior. Cuckolded in the most exotic locations, and brought into the bedroom to assist with Her lovers. This is why you are trusted with the children and the household.

    Service is an honor. An honor you have graciously accepted honey.

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