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This girl has read and re read The Zen of Servitude many times to try to be sure that s.he understands the meanings of the lesson. The first and most important thing that s.he has learned is that wants and desires must never in any way interrupt service to a Superior. In fact, wants and desires must be completely destroyed, and replaced with only wanting to serve and please Superiors. It is no longer decision to make as to what needs are, but rather s.he must place that decision in the hands of Superiors, as They are better qualified to know what those needs actually are.

This girl must, at all times, waking, sleeping, working, relaxing, practice girlish behavior, and her thinking like a completely obedient and subservient servant that lives to serve Superiors and only goal must be to make Their lives easier and more convenient for Them. Especially Women, as all Women are just naturally born Superior to this lowly one.

Every day this humble servant must dress appropriately, wearing panties no matter where s.he is, and must practice every day to learn to be a better cook, a better maid to keep the house clean and spotless at all times, must always keep he.rself clean and presentable at all times, and must learn how to be the perfect hostess. This lowly girl will order and read the Emily Post book of Etiquette to help this dummy to learn all of the intricacies of becoming the most polite and efficient hostess.

This girl must also find ways to become not only better, but to become the best s.he can be at performing fellatio and cunnilingus, not for , but to remind of place in life and to also learn that it is place to give pleasure, not to receive it.

In addition to wearing panties at all times, s.he must constantly practice her poise, walking, sitting, kneeling, and subservience to Women and all Superiors. Every day, all day long s.he must think of all these things and practice them constantly.

Eye contact with a Superior is not allowed unless requested by the Superior. This girls eyes must be down, in a submissive manner and s.he must always be demure, polite, attentive, and willing. Especially to Women who have been born Superior to men, and more Superior to sissies like this girl is learning to become.

All day, every day, this girl must strive to banish all of previous male behavior and attributes and replace them with softer and more compliant ones. This is not just in the physical world, but even more importantly in mind. s.he must never think of he.rself in manly terms again, for s.he is not a man anymore, s.he is not a girl; s.he is a subservient sissy wanting to please. S.he must try at all times to think more like a Woman, because the more s.he thinks like a Woman, the more s.he can anticipate a Woman’s needs, and thus become a better servant to Her.

If a Superior ever decides this girl needs punishment, s.he must gratefully, without objection or attempts to escape accept he.r punishment and always use it as a learning tool to become a better and more compliant sissy servant. If the punishment is not actually being used by the Superior as a learning tool, but rather strictly for the enjoyment of the Superior, then this girl must be happy and pleased that s.he can be used for the enjoyment of he.r Superior. Bettering a Superiors life, and bringing joy and pleasure to Them is what this subservient sissy is for, and s.he must always keep that in he.r silly mind.
Every day this subservient, lowly sissy must strive to always place all Women’s needs above he.r own, must do things to serve Women, and make Their lives more convenient, and must everyday do things to show that this girl is a sissy and cement that fact into he.r mind.

To sum up, this sissy must learn that s.he is here only to serve, he.r Superiors are always right, and s.he is always wrong. S.he must always try to please, and must constantly remember what s.he is and how it is he.r need to submit and serve.

As of the day s.he signed up for classes, this girl has placed he.rself under House Rule, and submits to everything the House wants of he.r. To serve is to live!

This assignment report is submitted by mikki with the promises to do he.r best to become the subservient sissy that the House deserves and to always try to serve the House in all ways. and s.he wished to thank all of he.r superiors, and all of the Staff at the House for taking Their time and thoughts to turn this sissy into a proper and subservient being for Their pleasure.

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Madame Stewart
1 year ago

While well written, and focused on intention – this gives Me the golden opportunity to share an excellent lesson here. Intending and doing are two different things. One can say they “must do this” and parrot what We stated in the Assignment – but for full effect on your training, your psyche, and your life – you must apply the ideas within the Assignment. I want you to resubmit in the future for your Servitude II badge honey, once you have had the opportunity of application.