A sissy serves her Superior
sissyeight | 09.24.2018 | Reports - Place and Worship

The bond that links a Dominant to a submissive (any Dominant to any submissive), is, as we all know, often referred to as a “power exchange.” It’s easy – perhaps addictively so – to focus on the “power,” but the thrust of the Servitude Assignment had this sissy focusing more on the “exchange” part than perhaps s.he ever has before.

We sissies crave and need assistance from Women every day – not just our Mistresses or Instructors or Superiors, but from all women – and that assistance comes in form not often considered – as examples to follow, as idols to emulate, and more. And yet, Women – even those we sissies are fortunate enough to serve and be trained by directly, give to us far more than we give to Them.

Servitude, as described in the Assignment, appears to be a way to help offset some of that deficit. Of course, sissies are to help clean, cook, provide massages, and provide whatever physical assistance we can provide to our Superiors. Every sissy (or just someone who thinks they might be a sissy) should realize that.

But the Assignment suggested something new to this sissy: that both the suggested behavioral modifications and physical feminization techniques (kneeling, sitting, standing, walking) are also ways to honor all Woman, including and especially our Direct Superiors. Yes, it’s what’s being asked of us as sissies by our Sissy Trainers, so we should comply anyway – but, by employing those techniques more and more in our daily lives (including when we can not openly present our sissy selves), we will help to put all Women at greater comfort and ease… and we should all know the additional challenges Women face in our society (just check the headlines…. any day… for evidence).

If we can make help even one Woman be less guarded for even a moment, we’ll have done Her (and all Women) a great service – and helped offset that deficit just a bit more.

Plus, the tips will help us appear more feminine – which is why we’re here! (and which is also important to any Masters we might serve, too!)

As for this sissy, s.he will pledge to serve at least one Woman daily, and to practice and employ the modification techniques as often as is possible and practicable.

ubisubisissy thanks the Mistresses, Staff Members, Superiors, and the House for this Assignment, and is honored by Their taking the time to review this report.


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