Servitude with Betty
misskelly | 03.27.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

Dear Superiors,

This sissy is trying very hard to understand and conform to the art of servitude and perfecting girlish essence.

S.he has been wearing only panties and bra now for quite sometime. Hiding little clitty and practicing walk and manners everyday in every aspect of life.

s.he realises that there is a long road ahead for and is looking forward to the instructions from the House.

This sissy has recently obtained a cross training machine and has been faithfully toning her waist and posterior for a more fitting womanly figure, that of which s.he is proudly showing off to anyone s.he meets ( not in a immodest way ).

This sissy has restrained from all forms of pornography, as these can only objectify Women.

Sissy kelly has at all times kept humble abode clean and tidy which is no hardship as s.he was born to clean ( not saying that only the superior sex are competent in cleanliness).

Although, sadly at this time s.he doesn’t have a S.O, she remains true to sissy self. s.he is willing to learn more from the House, and would appreciate any advice received .

Thank you ( curtsy )


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1 year ago

Thank you dear for sharing

Madame Stewart
1 year ago

There are Women everywhere to serve honey! Resubmit for Level II when you apply the teachings as service to the Women in your life!