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This sissy wishes to thank the Staff for taking the time to review and criticize the following report. It my first time… please be gentle.

shannon took the time to update the Staff on a few answers to questions she found in the House.

shannon copied and pasted the questions and then followed up with answers underneath.
(Where a good sissy should be always.)

Please find the Questions and answers below and then the report essay to follow.

Are you without a Mistress at this time?
Unfortunately, sissy shannon, (sha) is without a Superior (male or female) at this time.

Are you under House rule?
sha is not under any house rule other than the membership to House of Sissify.

Do you wish that your Superior would participate in your training? sha would love someday to be in servitude to a superior strong Woman.
• learning to cook well sha is a excellent cook and would love to be rewarded for cooking beautiful meals for Mistress and ant house guests
• keeping your Mistresses house in proper order, sha is a clean freak and if forced to wear girly/maid/outfits may never stop cleaning all day, in fact she may make messes just so she could wear her panties and clean up more..
• cleanliness sha is very clean and gets upset when things are not clean.
• giving your Mistress massage Sha is good at massage and wants to learn more about this.
• learning to be a proper hostess for parties (dressed or not in your serving attire) Sha has not had this opportunity as of yet but cant wait to participate in serving attire
• becoming skilled at the fine art of cunnilingus and fellatio. This sissy can perform for hours. sissy sha cant wait to learn how to serve the mistresses house guest hopefully on a very busy schedule.
• This sissy hopes the staff finds the above information useful for her future training program. Please find below the meat of the report in essay form.

A state of subjection to an owner or a master and lack of personal freedom, as to act as one chooses.This sissy finds this almost overwhelming at the thought of loosing all control.This sissy can only hope that she is under control of a caring rewarding Madame or Master. I have read in the house that servitude is of utmost importance in the development of a sissy. She feels it is important to cater to the needs of (her) Superior and learn the specific rules of her House. The Madame is always right and the sissy always must be ready to perform no matter what the request. A sissy can only hope that what pleases Madame also gives pleasure to the sissy as well. This would be the ultimate servitude arrangement. A girl can only hope !

Kind Regards

sissy shannon

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Madame Stewart
1 year ago

Hmm. Not the best Report, but you did grovel about being kind to you for your efforts. Please, never tell Me what you plan to do and repeat what I said to you – instead show Me how you learned from what you were taught and how you applied it! That will get you far with all Superiors honey.