evacles | 09.02.2019 | Reports - Girlish Essence

This lazy sissy knows how it is important to shave. But she never did it correctly. Rushing it to look passable.
But not anymore, she decided to take training course. And now this good sissy has Superiors to please in the House.

This sissy never felt that smooth in her entire life. she never dared to shave her arms too. Afraid that it would be noticed. But now that she did it. this obedient sissy is really glad she did. she looks so much more girly. For that assignment, sissy bought a swirl venus razor. It was so much easier than with some cheap pink razor she used before! This slut recommends it to everyone.

Now this sissy will be a little apprehensive tomorrow. Maybe someone will notice her shaved girly arms and hands…
But this sissy will come up with something.

Thanks anyway for that assignment, this obedient sissy feels so much prettier and fresher now.

Your obedient girl.


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