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Shaved and Ready

sissy_cherry | 05.16.2019 | Reports - Girlish Essence

**curtsy’s** Dearest Madame Stewart and all the Superiors in the House **curtsy’s**,

This sissy has been a lousy lousy sloth but s.he realizes now that the biggest hurdle to success is procrastination and so s.he got on with it. s.he went ahead and shaved he.rself, put on a wig that s.he hadn’t tried before and dolled he.rself up. s.he now realizes how s.he was skipping the important details and how s.he still has a long way to go to being a good enough sissy to please any Superior!

s.he knows s.he has a task at hand and s.he intends to be regular at it. s.he intends to make the Superiors proud of he.r.

Love and tons of Respect,

sissy cherry


  1. renee deplume

    This sissy is interested in which important details were being left out, if you don’t mind answering…. It’s reasearch… for…. science…yes…science…that’s the ticket…

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