princesscourtney | 11.28.2018 | Reports - Girlish Essence

Upon filling the tub this sissy put on relaxing girlish music to set the mood. This sissy was so excited amd anxious to remove all the nasty hair. She bought raspberry scented pure silk shaving cream so while shaving she could smell so sweet and fruity. The pink razor she was going to use made her feel so girly. Rubbing the shaving lotion all up and down her legs felt wonderful, but it did not compare to the feeling of the razor against her skin. Every stroke of the razor made her feel more like a sissy and made her feel happy that she was doing what her Superiors want. After finishing her legs she proceeds to lather up her chest and arms with the raspberry scented shaving lotion. Her legs felt wonderful and she could only imagine what her dress would look on her after removing the hair from her chest and arms. Shaving the chest and arms felt just as good as her legs. After finishing her arms and chest she laid in the water feeling so good and she reveled in her hairless feminine looking state. Before putting on her dress she rubbed raspberry lotion all over her body to smell sweet and fruity. The completed look of her hairless body with her dress on was just amazing.

This sissy will always be shaved and smooth to please her wonderful Superiors.


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