ginav | 06.02.2019 | Reports - Girlish Essence

This sissy humbly submits first assignment since returning to the House of Sissify.

It is wonderful to be back and this sissy remembers all the facets of the House of Sissify that puts in the right frame of mind. Shaving was something this sissy began doing those many years ago and the Shaving Assignment was first.

The accompanying pics are from original Shaving Assignment fifteen or sixteen years ago (the wallpaper is this sissy’s collage of brassiere advertisements). This sissy has been happily smooth all over ever since, although when this sissy asked Wife if shaving was ok, She replied, “I don’t think anyone would notice” (as this sissy is far from hirsute).

Thank-You all at the House of Sissify for changing this sissy’s life for the better, making one happily shaved sissy.

Respectfully Yours, ginav


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