Shaving Legs
mike-christner | 01.17.2019 | Reports - Girlish Essence

This morning, this girl received the sissy shaving assignment in this girls email. s.he immediately went to the store and purchased Noxema 4 blade Woman’s razor, pink of course, with 6 extra cartridges, Gillette Satin Care shave cream, and Nivea Essentially Enriched 48 hr moisturizing lotion.

s.he then ran a bubble bath, and soaked for the required ten minutes, before beginning the ritual to remove all of the icky mans hair from he.r body. Because this girl has never shaved below he.r neck before, this process took an exceptionally long time, and two of the razors cartridges. There was hair everywhere…giggles…After removing he.r now very smooth and hairless body from the tub, and patting it dry, this girl applied the moisturizing lotion everywhere, and boy was it cold. In fact, one of the first things mikki noticed was how much more s.he felt drafts and temperature on he.r skin. As s.he was looking at he.r smooth body in the mirror, this girl realized that she felt more compliant, and more servile. It became a reality to he.r that s.he was truly under House of Sissify controls now, and that made he.r almost giddy with excitement. it felt good to admit to he.rself that she was meant to serve he.r Superiors, and to follow all of Their instructions without question as the Superiors knew what was best for he.r and s.he must always try to obey and make them proud.

As mikki was naked, hairless, on her hands and knees scrubbing out the tub and removing all of that icky hair, s.he realized that it felt right to be on he.r knees, naked and cleaning just like a real servant, so after s.he finished the tub, s.he decided to remain naked and to scrub the bathroom floor still on her knees in compliance and servitude to the wishes of he.r Superiors in The House of Sissify. it felt right, it felt like that was where s.he belonged, and s.he realized that she truly was no longer a man, but a lowly servant sissy to he.r Superiors. mikki is happy.
mikki loves all of he.r Superiors in the House and will strive to make Them proud of he.r being a member of The House.

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sweet valentine
1 year ago

What a great report mikki! you are a real inspiration to this sissy to get he.r tushie in gear and complete he.r assignments!

Madame Stewart
1 year ago

We appreciate your focus on your submission. Keep that up, and finish the rest of the floors – but put your panties on first!