shaved smooth
michelle-w | 07.02.2019 | Reports - Girlish Essence

This sissy shaved her body smooth today!

she first read the House instructions thoroughly. she then filled the bathtub and soaked for a long while. she then lathered her legs and shaved them with a razor. she then lathered the rest of her body and shaved chest hair and underarm hair. when done shaving she rinsed her skin off and got out of the tub. she then rinsed out the tub and removed any remaining hairs from the drain area (yuck!).

she then applied feminine skin lotion on her newly shaved body. she put on some new high heels and took a few photos of her legs and underarms to accompany the Assignment Report.

this sissy hopes the report and photos are pleasing to all that view them!


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7 months ago

Thanks for sharing.
this sissy would ask how most of sissys deal with pubic and perianal hair. Shaving? Eletric devices? Wax? This really bother…

Madame Stewart
7 months ago

Wonderful! But most important honey… how does it make you feel?