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First and foremost, thank You to all Mistresses, Masters, and Superiors (curtsy)

When sissy candice first read this assignment s.he was pleasantly surprised. The assignment is so well written with very clear details. This assignment painted a picture of shaving as a relaxing experience. In the past, sissy candice had always shaved quickly and almost reckless; which quite often lead to razor burn (ouch). This assignment provided a step-by-step process to make the experience more enjoyable and one that would produce better results. This sissy’s ultimate goal was to have silky, smooth skin that would make any Superior s.he was honored to be in the presence of, very proud.

goodiesThis sissy started by researching products that would help prevent razor burn; lotions, soaps, razors, moisturizers, bubble baths, loofahs, etc. After finishing he.r list, sissy candice purchased all the necessary products.

While filling the tub, sissy candice poured in a good amount of bubble bath and began to lay back and soak. When the tub was full, this sissy stopped the water and started a timer for 10 minutes. After the timer alarmed, sissy candice followed the assignment step-by-step. Starting at the toes and working he.r way all the way up to he.r chest, making sure each area was well lathered before beginning to shave.

After almost an hour and a half the shaving was complete. This sissy cleared the tub of all hair, making sure the tub looked spotless, then proceeded to apply lotion to all areas of he.r skin that s.he had shaved.

Having been a frequent shaver, there is no doubt this was sissy candice’s best shaving experience. The process was relaxing, enjoyable, and produced great results. sissy candice can not thank he.r Superiors and the House enough for providing such a wonderful assignment. Shaving isn’t just about removing hair from your body, it’s about living in the moment, enjoying it, and allowing oneself to feel their woman essence.

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1 year ago

Thanks you for posting this fine report. This sissy enjoyed reading it.

Hugs and kisses,

sissy cathy

princess sissy
1 year ago

dear sister. it’s wonderful, isn’t it? sissy loves buying Women’s razors and asking a sales Lady for help, complimenting Her and thanking Her and always saying how slut preferred Women’s razors 🙂

Madame Stewart
1 year ago

Creating the ritual through this assignment will serve you your whole life honey!