Bubble Bath
localsissylexie | 03.13.2019 | Reports - Girlish Essence

During this Assignment, this sissy learned the values of shaving for her Mistress. This sissy was a little scared to shave her legs at first, but was still determined to prove herself of being a worthy sissy, so this sissy shaved chest to toe including arm’s, armpits amd even her ass. During this proccess, this sissy only cut herself on the thigh once, but this my Mistress wants this sissy to learn quick. As a punishment, this sissy was put in a new chastity device her Mistress bought for the night to learn this it is unacceptable to cut this sissys beautiful skin even on accident. This sissy will continue shaving and feeling smooth. This sissy really enjoys feeling her skin without the hair on it. Thank you for the assignment. This sissy really enjoyed it.

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