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vanessa16 | 03.11.2019 | Reports - Girlish Essence

This sissy despises male body, and desires it to be permanently feminized. Among the most prominent symbols of the masculine oppression that lords over this sissy’s body is loathsome body hair. Until this sissy obtains a more permanent solution to body hair crisis, such as laser hair removal, s.he will be, as she has done in the past, be relegated to shaving body hair.

Silky SmoothThis sissy has terrible hair genetics, thus, s.he has to toil for nearly an hour straight, in two separate sessions, to temporarily eradicate body hair. After a few nicks and cuts, it was gratifying to be finally done with this long, arduous task, but the true gratification came from the satisfaction in the final result: a soft, feminine body with no hairs from calves and thighs to chest and shoulders. Applying lotion was like the icing on the cake. It moisturized this sissy’s skin and ensured that it was soft for the days to come.

A smooth, hairless body is characteristically feminine. Nothing is more gratifying than laying fingers on the slick and smooth skin that has, until recently been trapped under a forest of hair. This sissy’s clitty became stiff after running her hands into her silky. slippery skin. This skin now radiates femininity and conveys its wearers femininity, among other things, to those who witness it. Thus, the disposal of any and all body hair is an important step in achieving full feminization.

Leggings SideThis sissy found the completion of this task gratifying and arousing. S.he was eager to try on some of leggings and feel the soft fabric press against her silky skin. Nylons pressed up against shaved legs is another sensation to behold, and this sissy is was eager to try on a skirt and pantyhose, and feel the cool air swish against her nylon-wrapped legs. No sensation feels more gratifying.

This sissy relished the assignment, as s.he knows that a hairless body is paramount to feminine hygiene, and that by shaving, a masculine characteristic, dense body hair, has been metaphorically and symbolically been cut down, bringer a step closer to total feminization.

Love and Kisses.
sissy vanessa

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1 year ago

So sorry to hear of your “hair crisis” but happy to hear you can at least periodically wash it down the drain. You look so Femme when smooth, honey.

1 year ago

congratulations, Vanessa – this sissy also liked your pretty painted toenails. sounds as though it will be quite the task for you to remain smooth and silky, but of course it is what we must do.


Madame Stewart
1 year ago

Yes! And the feminine ritual of your bathtime will be your sanctuary honey. Great report!