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Sissy, You Better Sway

ashleyanne | 03.03.2018 | Reports - Girlish Essence

This sissy has been meaning to submit a report on her progress in the sissy walk.

This sissy lives part-time in New York City and walks at least part-way to work every day. This gives this sissy A LOT of walking to do and gives this sissy time and space to work on walking with a very smooth gait and a very subtle hip sway. This sissy thinks back to her high school/middle school days when she had a crush on a Woman that this sissy will call Lori.. Lori had a very smooth, almost heel-to-toe walk and she was a cheerleader when she caught the eye of this sissy. This sissy remembers distinctly that She had a special walk, a walk that was different from all of the other Women that this sissy had seen; Lori glided. While She was much older, She still would talk to this sissy and that put this sissy over the moon. Now, when this sissy walks, she thinks back to those days of watching Lori walk and she tries her best to emulate Lori.

This sissy wanted to do this exercise weeks ago but this sissy also wanted to obtain the shaper to wear under her suit. Today turned out to be a wonderful opportunity to videotape her progress. This sissy has been practicing her walk with two books on her head for a number of weeks. Each night, this sissy spends 30 minutes before bed trying to get her gait as smooth as she remembers Lori’s gait.

This sissy always remembers to work to get into the proper headspace and, now, having completed the basic lesson, this sissy looks forward to moving on to the intermediate lesson. xox


  1. princess sissy

    bravo sweet siter. posture was lovely, balance was superb, footsteps nicely feminine, appearance properly subservent, hands held properly submissive. lovely makeup, loved the lipstick. oooo! wonderful.

  2. lana ros

    Wonderful! This sissy barely kept the tear off. So gently written and with dive into the past, future, joy and hardship. Perfect music and than that contrast of beautiful little sister with business suit learning to walk. Alone, in (or close to) big town. It really touched this sissy.

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