amber-shades | 04.28.2018 | Reports - Place and Worship

To begin, this sissy is sorry for not having already submit this report and would like to apologize.

This sissy see this as an important aspect for proper correspondence.

This sissy will use the capitalization of letters when appropriate according to this sissy’s understanding of the concept. This sissy, if incorrect looks to be corrected.

Case counts in large amounts
This sissy understands the significance regarding the proper use of capitalization to differentiate Superiors, Mistress’, and/or Staff in upper case and sissy’s in lower case.

me me me me
This sissy thinks she understand and hopes to demonstrate humility by referring to her self as this sissy.

composition, grammar & who’s who
This sissy will make this report in the style as outlined in the training assignment.

This sissy will continue the thread to make sure her superior does not have to exhaust much effort.

This sissy in thankful for your consideration to accept her application. This sissy will be patient as needed.

handy hints
This sissy had read and heard the 15 hints and reminders and will be subject to her superiors whims.

This sissy knows that she is a guest and is again thankful for the opportunity.

sissy amber


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