Shaving Legs

sissy is shaved

taylorgrey | 06.19.2019 | Reports - Girlish Essence

Sissy kept up with a shaving routine and has been hairless for a few months now. S.he has committed and is familiar with the feeling of smooth skin. This entire time s.he has aimed to make a heart shaped top. Once sissy started shaving her armpits she knew how far she had come. armpit hair was a sign of masculinity. Sissy took one step towards complete emasculation. S.he can now only be hairless. Sissy thanks the house for this assignment and all that will follow.

yours truly,

sissy taylor grey


  1. penelope

    yes, taylorgrey – shaving the armpits (and legs) really underscores that we are no longer men.

    congratulations on your badge – this sissy is awaiting a review of her shaving report (although s.he knows that our Superiors/Mistresses are very busy attending to our development, so penny must be patient).


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