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josiemaid | 10.24.2019 | Reports - Getting Real


Good day Madame Stewart and Staff .

Again sissy josiemaid has learned another valuable lesson on Respect. sissy josie has learned that place is not to ask sisters for opinion. josie has a hard time in the world being ostracized from a society that s.he gave life to.

sissy makes no excuses, but to learn the rules of the House. josie has had a history of being overbearing although claiming to be submissive – it is not a lie. Training by Superiors is needed to break these objectionable traits and to be a true submissive josie so yearns to be.

josie is on knees in worship to The Superiors to be allowed to continue Training in the House. s.he also has figured out how to maximize the assignments that are provided sissy for Training purposes to evolve josie from the ignorant ways and into the best sissy josiemaid can be.

Thank You Madame Stewart for Your Generosity in allowing sissy josie to study in the House .


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Madame Stewart
11 months ago

Every infraction gives the opportunity for instruction and hopefully self reflection and change. It’s not easy honey, but your willingness to reflect makes it all the easier!