Zen of Servitude
michelle-w | 06.14.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

This sissy truly wants to serve and please her Mistress and respectfully submits this report on her progress towards doing so! To learn how to do to please her Mistress she read the House’s Zen of Servitude three times. she accepted what she read, implanted all in her mind, and committed to diligently practice its various parts.

she will continuously think of how to best serve her Mistress, and will attempt to anticipate her Mistress’ desires and needs before they are voiced. voiced or not, she will put her Mistress’ desires and needs first, and put sissy’s desires and needs second. she will learn to clean and keep house better, massage better, cook better, and massage better than she has in the past. she will be a proper hostess when Mistress entertains. she will also become more skilled, in all ways, in the bedroom in order to please her Mistress there.

this sissy will undertake to study and respect women, which are her Superiors. this sissy will also practice her feminine poise, and strive to develop feminine attributes. she will also strive to eradicate undesirable male qualities and attributes. she will practice sitting, standing, kneeling, walking, and talking as a proper sissy. this sissy will keep herself clean in feminine ways, shave body hair, and wear women’s panties whenever possible. she will wear lingerie if and when that is desired by her Mistress, and also present herself in proper fashionable women’s clothing if and when that is desired by her Mistress.

sissy feels humbled by all that she must learn and do to become a true sissy. at the same time she feels free and liberated by entering servitude. she is truly grateful for House providing this training!


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Madame Stewart
7 months ago

As We say – Servitude is the basis for all your dreams to come true. Great report and great intention honey! Resubmit for Level II as you find ways to apply these teachings.