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Sissy has been masturbating he.r entire erection life. Everyday for since s.he can remember. Being able to control masturbation through will alone seemed impossible.

The idea of punishment was what helped sissy on her quest to follow the masturbation schedule. First sissy said if s.he masturbates s.he must watch a full length romance movie. For months this didn’t work but s.he would watch a movie as punishment. S.he then added gay porn to make it harder to masturbate. Still months went by with masturbation days up to hours at a time.

The big change was when sissy made another punishment. S.he could only masturbate to gay porn. The only time s.he could see women was without masturbating. Sissy’s mind changed completely. The entire time sissy used to spend masturbating(hours sometimes) s.he watched women in youtube videos or on netflix. Sissy was able to watch whole seasons on netflix about women. Before sissy was never able to watch entire seasons with women as the lead.

Sissy took the leap and decided that maybe now s.he can follow the masturbation schedule on Tuesdays and Fridays. For two months now sissy has only mastubated on those days. Masturbating is extremely better. Sissy no longer watches porn while masturbating. Sissy masturbates to the mirror. Sissy cums on her face all the time. If sissy forgets to masturbate on her day s.he still follows her schedule and waits for the next special day. Masturbating is not the same anymore and sissy will never go back to the way she was before. Sissy has become way more attracted to men. S.he cant wait for her first experience with a real man.

Sissy’s mind is forever changed because instead of porn she watches sissy hypno at the start of the day, for lunch and even before going to bed. Sissy hypno includes bbc attraction. Sissy might become gay. because in hypno s.he envies the girl. Sissy watches only women’s shows on youtube and netflix. Sissy eats he.r cum. Sissy only masturbates on he.r special days. Sissy is happy that masturbation is sissified. Thank you for this assignment it has changed sissy’s life for the better.

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Madame Stewart
1 year ago

sissy hypno? That’s not part of the House training honey – that is, sissyporn, especially if they are telling you that you need to be “gay” or “bbc” when in fact you may only like Women. Let your authenticity flourish, and be yourself. Practice your training, and don’t rely on hypnosis for actual results.