stephanie-14 | 07.19.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

in an effort to submit myself to the guidance and dominion of the house i have tried to maintain my sissyish poise this past week. word one: poise is an unrelenting nightmare of a life coach. literally every move, every gesture, every slight adjustment in my seat, sitting, kneeling, it is enough to drive this sissy crazy. by the end of the week it was not as difficult as all that. but it really is a re-wiring of your brain. which as a sissy i am most glad to get, but like with any other training, it takes work. my goal was to be able to better maintain a feminine poise while doing arbitrary things. sitting, walking or kneeling are all small ways i can remind myself throughout the day who i really am. which i feel is the best thing you can get from poise, is that ability to snap out of any circumstance because inside you know you have the carrying strength to recover. probably why most women are far more sucessful with any kind of trauma recovery. it creates an almost competitive drive to be as graceful as Real Woman. but this sissy only dreams.


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