tusk626 | 03.13.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

This lesson covered the importance of servitude in a sissy’s life. The sissy should always be preparing to serve the master and mistress they belong too. This lesson taught that it is important for the sissy not to care about its own feelings thoughts or opinions, but only of those that they serve. This sissy should not have an opinion unless asked. The Sissy is reminded that it needs to always be finding ways to remind themselves of their servitude and submissiveness. Such examples are this sissy is to always keep its legs closed while sitting, be mindful of how it works to insure a good feminine gesture and with this sissy kneels, to go down on both knees at same time. This sissy was reminded that it should always be pantied full time! This sissy also needs to start learning women’s history, and be thankful that there so many strong women in history. This sissy also needs to work on redemption as all sissy do for there disgusting male imposternated past.
It can do it by doing the following every day
Have i served a woman today?
Have i placed a Womans needs above my own this day?
Have i identified and done some act (no matter how small) that has further defined myself as the sissy servant i am?
To be a good sissy, I will start collecting my sissy thoughts in my sissy diary
sissy tusk

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Madame Stewart
1 year ago

Why are you telling Us what We asked you to do? Do it, and tell Us how it affected you! Resubmit!