shoes of service
princesscourtney | 01.07.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

Curtsey to Madame Stewart and Superiors of the House.

Sissy wants nothing more than to keep her house clean, doing laundry, cooking, and wearing her panties so her Superiors do not have to worry about anything. Sissy has been finding that the thrill of picking out what panties she gets to wear is increasing. Her panty collection is growing by the week. Her favorite panties are either her cheeky black lace ones or her merlot colored lace backed ones that she is wearing as she writes this report. This sissy’s posture is improving as she works to consistently sit in an obedient manner, only moving when Superior tells her to. Sissy wants nothing more than to please her Superior, and she cooks while wearing her heels and a house dress. This sissy absolutely loves her panties, serving, cooking, cleaning, sitting, standing, in ways to improve her servitude and obedience to her Superiors.

Curtsey and thank you to the Superiors for taking the time to read this report and hopes it is worthy of their time.


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princess sissy
1 year ago

dear sister – sissy is so happy to see your progress in servitude. wonderful! you are sissy’s sister and sister takes pride in you.

Madame Stewart
1 year ago

Yes, quite worthy courtney. I am glad your panty collection is growing, and you are focused on learning the arts of service. I do however, want to remind you that you can apply this Assignment this very day – to every Woman you come in contact with. Coworkers, family, even complete strangers. Next report, I want to hear how you put your service in action!