victoriat | 01.17.2019 | Reports - Girlish Essence

This sissy victoria didn‘t hesitate one second and shaved her complete body in her shower as being told. Her arms, her chest, her legs and her bikini zone are now completely hair free. sissy victoria pampered her body afterwards with a nice smelling lotion as reward.

This sissy is overjoyed, to get rid of all that dirty, manly body hair which felt disgusting on her body
The pure feeling of her smooth legs in tight nylons is very pleasant. This sissy even bought herself an epiliator for her sissy-clit, which is now heavenly smooth. she will continue epilationing her little clitty, so it will be hairless forever soon.

This sissy victoria promises, she will keep her complete body hairless from now on. Her cock-hungry, smooth shaved anal-pussy is now ready and waiting for having fun.

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1 year ago

good for you victoriat – but wow, even an epilator! i had a Mistress use one of those on me 1 time – pretty painful.


Madame Stewart
1 year ago

While We appreciate the pain inflicted and the enthusiasm of buying yet another consumer product – We recommend you try Our guidelines and create a feminine ritual of your bath and shaving.