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cassandra-3 | 02.13.2019 | Reports - Girlish Essence

This sissy herein submits her assignment for “sissy shaving.” Sissy thanks you for the guidance and training to carry out this assignment. (curtsy) She is experienced at shaving but fell into poor habits over the last year and was seriously in need of a complete emersion in her sissy self and sissy habits.

She carried out this assignment over a two day period, soaking as requested each day for at leas fifteen minutes in a hot, soapy, scented bubble bath before beginning. On the first day she concentrated, as requested in Part One, on removing all the nasty hair from the tips of her toes to her waist and bottom, with the exception of a triangular patch above her sissy clit, as you directed. This was a most luxurious, sensual experience – one she has always found exquisitely thrilling – watching the evidence of her masculinity vanishing with every stroke of my ladies razor – as you requested Mistress, pink and with multiple blades).

She took special care to completely bare her bottom and sissy pussy, and inspected with scrutiny in the mirror by the side of the tub until not a single hair was left. At no time did she cut or nick herself – she loves to shave, and takes extra precautions always. (She would do it every single day, if Mistress requested it.)

On the second day, last night/Part Two, followng all the same procedures with the tub and preparations, she shaved her underarms, back, arms, and shoulders, then her belly and finally – with a fresh blade – her chest, breasts and around her nipples, watching her budding breasts swell with excitement at their gradual uncovering. The temptation to pleasure herself became almost overpowering, but as this was not one of her Special Days she resisted, playing only with her taut, perky nipples for a few moments. She then gave her entire body a light scrub with an exfoliant, burnishing all her skin to a smooth and sensual sheen.

She then stepped out and followed all the procedures in Part Three, drying, cleaning the tub – so much hair! – and generously moisturizing her entire body. Weak in the knees with excitement at seeing herself so happily transformed to her true sissy self once again, she applied some pink nail polish to her toes, climbed into some brand new pink lingerie and panties – bought especially for this occasion – and tucked her boy testes and sissy clit securely up and into those panties, soon fell into a hazy sleep of sensuous dreams and sultry images. She woke eight hours later, refreshed and exited to begin a new day, firmly anchored in her sissy self again, and oh so happy to have the opportunity to share this report with you.

Yours with deep gratitude and respect,

sissy cassandra

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1 year ago

wonderfully described, cassandra. are you shaving more frequently now?

Madame Stewart
1 year ago

Excellent ritual created honey!